Writing Guidance - Susan Hara

Susan Hara, Writing Consultant and Editor, offers guidance for writing projects, editing, and manuscript consultation services.
 Writing Guidance and Editing

  • Writing Consultation—I provide constructive ideas and support for  the writing process for your essay, story, or book, from brainstorming to drafting to revising. I am also available for advice on the process of publishing—whether posting online, finding an agent or publisher, or self-publishing.

  • Editing—I offer two types of editing: (1) developmental: in-depth editing for readability, organization, structure, voice, storytelling, word choice, and syntax, or (2) copyediting: for grammar, spelling, accuracy, and making sense. Alternatively, we can come up with a manuscript review that's tailored to fit your specific project.

  • Writing on the JobI work with you on strategies for improving your writing, for e-mail, reports, and other workplace communication.

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